GOOD HANDS HANDYMAN NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION, INC. is a 501 (c) 3 Tax-exempt organization.  We provide support services to seniors, disabled and low-income families in need of home repairs, upgrades, and modifications at a minimal cost.  The residents are homeowners that reside in the distressed areas of DeKalb, Fulton and Clayton Counties.  Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the burden of low-income homeowners having to choose between repairs and other living expenses by providing services at minimal or in some cases no charge.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to help seniors, disabled and low-income families improve and maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle and to enhance their quality of life by ensuring they are living in a safe home with the modifications needed.  We believe we can implement our mission best by using a four-pronged approach:

1. Provide vocational training to persons interested in our mission and the Handyman Trade. 

2. Provide free supplies and materials to homeowners to defray the cost of the repairs.

3. Provide mentorship and incubation services to graduates to ensure that they are effective and competitive in the Handyman Trades job market.

4. Continue to seek funding to meet our mission.

We partner with The Handyman Training School to provide training for persons that is interested in learning the trades and willing to support our mission.  The training program offers a year-long Residential Training Program that includes all the trades and business basics for opening and running a successful Handyman Business. Upon successful completion of the training programs, students have a skill for life that will allow individuals to earn income and be a productive part of the workforce. In addition, we will l assist graduating students with finding and securing jobs working with seniors in need of help. 

Our organization is committed to our mission and will seek funding from various sources to support persons that are interested in our mission.

We are only a phone call away

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